About RentalGuide24

RentalGuide24 began in 2015 and went online in 2017. The website focuses on accommodation in Asia, offering holiday rentals for entire houses, apartments and bungalows, and other types of accommodation. The company behind this website is RentalGuide24, which is based in Castlemaine, Australia. We also provide travel websites for Asia. The websites were developed as we found there was a lack of quality travel and rental websites in Asia. The rental website puts the customer first, both owner and guest. We have created a unique payment system where guests can book the rental property a long time in advance with a 10% deposit, paying the final balance around 3 months prior to check-in.

The site started with the initial focus on Thailand and is expanding to include many more countries across Asia. The travel sites provide a convenient way for travellers to find out information about the destination, along with providing the owners of the properties wide exposure to guests who are looking to easily book holiday accommodation. 

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