Home to the world’s oldest continuous civilisation, China is a vast country which is developing at an outstanding rate. It has a diversity of landscape and food, a rich mixture of ancient cultural heritage and modern, new technology, huge cities and agricultural lands. When visiting, one of the things that is first noticed is the density of people - cities and towns go on and on - and if you want to feel at home the perfect way to settle in is to rent an apartment in the city or even a house in the countryside to fully appreciate the culture.


Famous landmarks and tourist spots

The most well-know landmark would be the Great Wall which stretches Shanhaiguan near the Yellow Sea to Jiayuguan Pass in the Gobi Desert. You can visit the Wall to see it as it stood in it’s glory, with restored sections at Badaling or Mutianyu.

To enjoy the best that the capital has to offer, rent a holiday house in Beijing and easily travel to see the famous Forbidden City, which was the imperial palace from 1420 -1912, and now houses the Palace Museum. Beijing is also home to 6 Unesco World Heritage sites, and you will appreciate coming back to a lovely rented apartment at the end of each day.


The Terracotta Army is a extraordinary collection of more than 8,000 soldiers and horses that were discovered by local farmers in the Linton District of Xian, Shaanxi, in 1974. Rather than go on a day trip, why not explore the countryside and stay in a holiday house nearby.


Shanghai is now home to sky-scrapers and a modern cityscape, mixed with art deco buildings, religious buildings, it really is a place for lovers of architecture, shopping and food, and you can rent the perfect vacation apartment and feel right at home.