Security Deposits

The RentalGuide24 website doesn’t handle or hold any Security Deposits. The guest pays the Security Deposit directly to the host of the property when checking-in to the property. On the property listing it states what amount the Security Deposit is and how the deposit should be paid e.g. cash and what currency, credit card etc.

The Security Deposit will be paid back to the guest on check-out day and once the property has been inspected by both host and guest. Any disputes from either the host or the guest must be reported to RentalGuide24 within 48 hours.

Note: If a property host/owner or manager requests for the deposit to be sent over the internet, bank transfer or credit card on-line or similar, or asks for any payments in advance, then this is a violation of our Terms of use.



  • If the problem between guest and host can’t be resolved directly, then send all documentation including photos to RentalGuide24 and we will make a fair decision to resolve the dispute.
  • If for some reason a Guest doesn’t get their deposit back or is treated unfairly by the host, and can’t resolve this directly with the host then we suggest that the guest lodges a police report and pursues a legal outcome.
  • If a Host incurs damages which cost more than the Security Deposit covers, and can’t resolve this with the guest, then we suggest that the Host lodges a police report and pursues a legal outcome.

In any case, please contact RentalGuide24 and we will try out best to assist.