A country of two halves, peninsula Malaysia has the big city scape of Kuala Lumpar, beaches and colonial buildings, Malaysian Borneo is the wild other half, with jungles, volcanic peaks and orang-utans. Start by visiting the capital of Kuala Lumpar, home to the impressive Petronas Towers, shopping malls, markets and great food. Stay in a rented apartment downtown and be amongst the action. For those looking for a more chilled out option, The Perhentian Islands, located of the east, boast beautiful beaches and sunsets to die for, and the perfect way to enjoy the vacation is by renting a holiday villa by the ocean.


Outdoor Adventures

For the outdoor adventuring traveller, Taman Negara national park is one of the world’s oldest rainforest, where you can spend a few days or even a week trekking, spotting wildlife, and exploring the treetop walkways. The relaxing, misty tea plantations of the Cameron Highlands are a wonderful place to recharge and explore some other jungle trails. Rent a holiday house and explore at leisure. Adventurers should head to Malaysian Borneo for a trek up Southeast Asia’s highest mountain, Mount Kinabalu, and watch a spectacular sunrise from the peak.

Even more remote, the Kelabit Highlands are where you can visit tribal communities still living in synergy with the jungle, and go on hikes. On the west coast, beach lovers should head to Langkawi, and island oasis near the border with Thailand, which will serve up some real rest and relaxation, and is the perfect place to unwind from all the jungle trekking and city shopping.