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Cambodia  Overview Cambodia is a country rich with history, renowned for the awe-inspiring temples at Angkor, the beautiful beaches of the south, and lush, tropical jungle. Once a powerhouse of ancient civilisation the Khmer empire established, there are now many sleepy towns which can be visited off the tourist trail. One of the best ways to enjoy the authentic culture is rent a house and absorb the local culture away from the hustle and bustle of busy tourist hotels.   Temples The most well known attraction of Cambodia is the great temples of Angkor, and the world’s largest religious building, Angkor Wat. The best place to base yourself is in the nearby city of Siem ... Read more!


China  Overview Home to the world’s oldest continuous civilisation, China is a vast country which is developing at an outstanding rate. It has a diversity of landscape and food, a rich mixture of ancient cultural heritage and modern, new technology, huge cities and agricultural lands. When visiting, one of the things that is first noticed is the density of people - cities and towns go on and on - and if you want to feel at home the perfect way to settle in is to rent an apartment in the city or even a house in the countryside to fully appreciate the culture.   Famous landmarks and tourist spots The most well-know landmark would be the Great Wall which stretches Shanhai... Read more!

Hong Kong

Hong Kong A modern financial hub with great shopping and spectacular food, Hong Kong also has a traditional side worth exploring. Stay in a chic rented condominium in Central District and then head to nearby Queen’s Road to shop til you drop.  The island’s highest point, Victoria Peak is also found in Central District and you can take the world’s steepest funicular railway to the top to see the spectacular view. At night, head to Lan Kwai Fong where the best bars and clubs are to be found, or for those who are more budget conscious Soho could prove a better choice. Explore Causeway Bay on the eastern side of the island if you prefer to shop in indoor shopping centres... Read more!


Singapore  East meets west in this former British trading post, renowned for it’s mix of shopping, food and night life. Once considered a side note stopover on your way to some further destination, Singapore now is a destination in itself. A superb way to explore the city of the future is to rent an apartment right in the hub of the futuristic skyline, or perhaps if the old world seems more appealing rent a colonial-style holiday house and take a trip in time back to the British days.   Food and Shopping Food is a major feature of Singaporean life, with a cultural melting pot creating blend of Chinese, Malaysian and Indian flavours plus the unique Nonya cuisine which is... Read more!


India  Overview A most astounding country for travellers, India is also the second most populated country in the world. It holds everything a traveller could want, lush scenery, tradition and culture, people and food like nowhere else. The large size of the country means you probably won’t get to see everything in one trip, but a great way to start is by renting a condominium in one the megacities of Delhi, Bangalore or Mumbai. Or if cities aren’t for you a colonial style holiday house by the sea in Goa could be the answer to all your troubles.   North In the north and centre of India are some of the most famous cities and landmarks. The golden triangle of Delhi, Jai... Read more!


Indonesia  Indonesia is a land of islands, stretching 5000km along the equator. There is much that appeals to the adventurer, with plenty of outdoor activities from surfing to trekking, to diving and relaxing on beaches, to keep everyone entertained. The capital city of Jakarta located on the South part of the island Java is a hub of activity, and is the most populated city in all of South East Asia.   Surfing and Diving There are many famous surfing breaks and diving hotspots in Indonesia. The break of Karang Nyimbor is located on Sumatra, G-Land located in Java East, and Bali and Lombok and well known destinations for surfers. Renting a villa for a week or longer is the... Read more!


Japan  A place so unique, so different, it feels like you have arrived on another planet when you touch down in Japan. The home of sushi, manga and samurai, this archipelago has undergone huge change in the last 1oo years. The bustling capital of Tokyo not just current but forward thinking, with cutting edge fashion, gadgets and technology, and the height of modernity.  The famous bullet trains will move you from one city to another with such speed and precision to schedule that inspires admiration. If staying in a capsule hotel isn’t right for this trip, rent a ultra-modern apartment in the city to really live like a local.   Cities The capital city of Tokyo is one... Read more!


Laos A small landlocked country with a diverse, friendly and laid-back people, the country provides plenty of adventures for those willing to explore a bit of the beaten track. With the mighty Mekong river running through the country many people choose to enter the country from the north in Thailand and take a slow boat down the river, eating fish, watching the sunset In the North there is the Plain of Jars, and ancient burial site of a lost civilisation. The spectacular waterfalls of the Bolaven Plateau nestled amongst ancient rainforest are not to be missed.   Cities The city of Luang Prabang sits where the Mekong meets Nam Khan, and can be counted as the country’s mos... Read more!


Malaysia Overview A country of two halves, peninsula Malaysia has the big city scape of Kuala Lumpar, beaches and colonial buildings, Malaysian Borneo is the wild other half, with jungles, volcanic peaks and orang-utans. Start by visiting the capital of Kuala Lumpar, home to the impressive Petronas Towers, shopping malls, markets and great food. Stay in a rented apartment downtown and be amongst the action. For those looking for a more chilled out option, The Perhentian Islands, located of the east, boast beautiful beaches and sunsets to die for, and the perfect way to enjoy the vacation is by renting a holiday villa by the ocean.   Outdoor Adventures For the outdoor adve... Read more!

Myanmar (Burma)

Myanmar (Burma) History To visit Myanmar is to step back in time in Southeast Asia, where tradition still stands as the country slowly throws off the previous restrictions to tourists. One of the few Starbucks-free countries in the world, modern conveniences are on the rise and mobile phone coverage, internet and ATM’s are increasing.  Only recently opened to tourism as the country moves towards a democracy, the lifting of the 15 year tourism boycott has meant that the tourist numbers have been steadily on the rise. The country is sill coming to terms with the rising numbers of visitors and the infrastructure struggles to keep up, which means that it can sometimes be ha... Read more!

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Myanmar (Burma)