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May 10, 2017

Hi and welcome to RentalGuide24.

Here we open soon a new vacation rental website for Asia.

Our main focus are holiday homes in Asia region, we not rent out shared homes or shared living.

RentalGuide24 take care of all from booking, payments etc, so you as a host can concentrate on other tasks as a property owner.

The Guest/renter can feel safe to make bookings with us, also we accept bookings long time in advanced for a small upfront secure booking fee,
So you can book your favorite home without break the bank or have to much money locked up for to long.
The balance paid around three month before arrival.

RentalGuide24 keeps the rental money until you as guest/renter have arrived and are happy with your vacation home,
after 48 hours we transfer the host your rental money, all for your peace of  mind.

Team RentalGuide24